Trips along the River Nerl


The aim of the Reka Mira (World River) project is to offer inspiring boat trips and bike rides along the River Nerl, 100 miles east of Moscow, between the old civic centres of Suzdal and Vladimir.

The route links two famous 12th century Russian architectural landmarks - the Church of Boris and Gleb in the tiny village of Kidéksha and the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in the village of Bogolúbovo.
The Boat Ride
The River Nerl is a calm, shallow waterway that offers the perfect introduction to canoeing for those with little or no experience. We'll get you started at the beginning of the route with a boat and equipment, and a complimentary hamper of local farm produce. And we'll be there waiting for you at the other end.

You can enjoy the experience on your own or with friends; easily cover the shorter route in a day, or stretch out the pleasure on our two-day trip, hitting the pause button mid way and spending a night under the stars. We'll even provide you with a tent!

Each boat seats two or three people, and the one-day trip can comfortably be completed in about four hours if you so wish.

Our prices are:
One-day trip: ₽3000 per adult, ₽1000 per child.
Two-day trip: ₽5000 per adult, ₽1500 per child.
Children under 3 travel free.

We are open from Friday to Sunday.
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Along the River By Bike
Bike rides along the river allow you more fully to explore the area, drop in on a village and enjoy a refreshing drink at a local spring. And of course you can always steer back towards the river at any time to get your bearings and go for a well-deserved dip.

We have taken delivery of eight new all-terrain SCOTT bikes this year. You are welcome to take off on your own or with friends along one of the routes we've recced for you, or else join us on one of our regular guided rides. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us for upcoming dates.Bike hire:

One-day trip: ₽1500 per person.
Two-day trip: ₽2500 per person.
Lunch on the Riverbank
All boats on our trip are furnished with a complimentary hamper of local farm produce. However, for parties of 8 or more, we have an additional treat in store. You can order a village lunch beside the river.

We'll set up a communal table at the end of your journey, and pile it high with traditional local fare - fresh greens from Tatiana Ivanovna's allotment and pickled veg from her cellar, Aunt Lusya's renowned borshch or okroshka soup, and Vera's sweet cabbage pies. Feast like a local!

Full details available by e-mail.

Our rustic lunch costs ₽22,000. For groups of more that 15, we charge an extra ₽1000 per person. Please note that meals do not include alcohol.
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Overnight in the Great Outdoors
There is nothing quite like a night under the stars. No need to race for that last train. No hunting for that last-minute hotel room in Suzdal. Just stay exactly where you are - pitch a tent on the banks of the River Nerl, beneath pine trees or on the sand, or just lie back in the grass and watch the sun go down to the chirrup of crickets. Birds will gently rouse you from your slumber the next morning, when you will find the river waiting to take you onward.

If you do not have your own tent, you can hire one from us* for ₽3000. They sleep two persons.

* only available for two-day trip
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About Us

We are a community of people inspired by a desire to make rural Russia accessible to all. We want people to see the beauty of the Russian countryside for themselves. And have fun.

The Reka Mira project has brought together talented, enthusiastic people from all walks of life and all corners of the country: architects and town planners, archaeologists and historians, sociologists, artists.

The project is run by Zhenya Kazarnovska and Andrei Popov.
What People Have Been Saying About Us
"Best weekend this summer. Boat, river, friends and an unforgettable meal by the river!"
Sasha Bromberg
"Grateful for being in this wonderful and whimsical house full of creative and heartfelt vibes. Full day on the river, full breath, fulfilled."
Polina Oparina
"I was pretty sure four hours on a river in a canoe was going to be hard work and a dull time. I was wrong. Loved it."
Off We Go!
We can discuss the details of your trip by email. All you need do is get yourself to the River Nerl.

Send any questions you have to, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Or plan your trip below.
Boat for 2-3 persons:
One-day trip: ₽3000 per adult, ₽1000 per child.
Two-day trip: ₽5000 per adult, ₽1500 per child.

Bike hire:
One-day trip: ₽1500 per person.
Two-day trip: ₽2500 per person.

Tent hire:
₽3000 for two days.

₽22,000. For groups of more that 15, we charge an extra ₽1000 per person.

Choose Your Journey

How to Get Here

The train is the quickest and most comfortable way to reach us from Moscow.
Moscow – Vladimir
Take any Vladimir-bound train from the Kursk railway station. We recommend the Lastochka, Strizh or Sapsan express services, which offer a journey time of 1 hr 40 min.

* One-way fares start at ₽500. We would advise you to reserve ahead of time, as tickets can sell out quickly.
Vladimir - Reka Mira (village of Zapolítsy)
We would recommend you take a taxi from the railway station in Vladimir to the start of your boat ride. Local taxi services can be contacted at +7 (492) 241-41-41, +7 (492) 260-06-00, +7 (492) 230-30-30 or via the Yandex Taxi mobile app. If your Russian is not up to the task, contact us and we'll arrange the ride for you.

* The taxi ride should come to around ₽400-600.
The drive from Moscow by car is 125 miles along the Gorki Highway. The journey time varies enormously with time of day and day of the week, but is unlikely to be less than 4 hours. We would advise you to avoid weekends at all costs, when the same journey can take more than 8 hours.

What to Bring With You

We would recommend that you bring:
  • comfortable clothing (bearing in mind the time of year)
  • footwear – flipflops or running shoes
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • insect repellent (if you are camping out)
  • headgear
  • swimwear
  • towel
  • wet weather gear (if rain is forecast)
  • drinking water
We will provide:
  • hamper of food (cheese, bread, fresh veg)
  • life jackets
  • route map with history of the area
  • waterproof bag for your phone and other valuables
Can I leave stuff somewhere?
You are welcome to leave your belongings with us for safe-keeping. We'll return them to you safe and sound at the end of your trip.