Lavka Mira (Shop of the World) is Andrey Popov's project, with the help of which he has been supporting local culture and people of the Suzdal region for many years, providing them with home work and opportunity to earn money.

Here you may find carpets, ceramics, textiles which we decided to complete with modest Reka Mira merchandise. Buy – don't hesitate!

Товар добавлен в корзину
You can receive your purchase in one of the two ways.

Delivery to the door
We will carefully pack your parcel, which the courier will deliver to you within 7 days.

Self-pickup at REKA MIRA
By clicking the Pick up option, you will receive a 25% discount on travel along the River. You can book an available weekend of the season on the website using a promo code and we will give you your purchase before or after your trip.
For any questions, please contact us by mail.
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